Decorate a Valentine's Cake With Us!

Decorate a Valentine's Cake With Us!

Below is our step by step guide on how we decorated one of our 8 inch Red Velvet Nude Cakes for Valentine's Day!

  • We started with one of our 8 inch red velvet cakes, these are available to purchase on our website to save yourself from any baking mishaps! we use an oil based cake with a 2 week shelf life so it will stay nice and moist!

  • We split this in half and filled it with cream cheese frosting.


  • We then covered the top and edges with the cream cheese frosting, it can be difficult to get a perfect straight finish when covering cakes so we have swiped a pallet knife up the side for an easier method!

  • With some of the remaining pink frosting we piped cream cheese love hearts on to the side of the cake. This was done using a small round tip nozzle, apply more pressure onto the piping bag at the top of the hearts and pull down while releasing pressure to create half of the heart, then repeat this on the opposite side to complete each heart.

  • We then repeated this all around the cake, if you haven't tried this before just have a go on a piece of cling film before moving to the cake to perfect the technique!

  •  Then drizzle white chocolate on to the top of the cake and top with love heart sprinkles!

  • You can then either pipe a message into the middle of the cake, fill it with more heart sprinkles or finish it with some fondant hearts!

This is so quick and easy to do at home!

If you give this design a go don't forget to tag us on social media @originalcakeco

Our Red Velvet sponge cakes are available to shop here: Ready to Decorate Red Velvet Cake – The Original Cake Company





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